Cat Grass Benefits Digestion And Gives Pet Parents Nutritional Peace of Mind

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cat eating fuzzy cat grass for digestive health

Plants are a common addition to most households. They add a touch of color and liven up spaces. While greens aren’t an integral part of a cat’s primarily carnivorous diet, house plants can often become a snack. The problem, however, is that many houseplants within a cat’s reach often aren’t the best for them to eat. In fact, many common household plants may even be toxic. 

Fortunately, there is a cat supplement that pet parents can provide their felines. Cat grass is an excellent non-toxic addition to the house that also offers a few significant benefits. 

Benefits of Cat Grass‌

Cat grass benefits cat digestion and digestive health in a few distinct ways:

Digestive Aid

Pet parents know the importance of optimal cat nutrition and often go out of their way to ensure their cats have the best foods possible, but even the felines that have a well-balanced diet can benefit from the addition of cat grass. Cat grass adds fiber, which can help promote better digestive processing of food through a cat’s digestive tract. 

Help with Hairballs

Cats that reside indoors spend more than half of their time awake grooming, which can lead to hairballs. The fiber in cat grass aids in digestion, and it can help make it easier for a feline to cough up hairballs that won’t pass or pass hair before it clumps too large and requires regurgitation. The length and thickness of their hair will make a difference in how often a cat may have hairballs. While the aftermath may be temporarily unpleasant to clean up, hairballs or passing hair with additional fiber are both better alternatives a digestive block. 

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Induce Vomiting

Some cats consume things that upset their stomachs. Eating grass can help induce vomiting, making it easier for the feline to eliminate what’s bothering them in case digesting it may be more risky or hazardous. 

Pet parents should keep in mind that vomiting several times a day can point toward a medical emergency. If a pet parent is worried about an increased frequency of cat vomiting, they should chat with a vet right away.

Additional Vitamins

While most pet parents strive to provide their cats with a well-balanced diet, there’s a chance a feline could be missing something. Eating grass can be a sign that a cat is missing essential vitamins, and cat grass is rich in B vitamins. 

While some cat grass can help provide additional vitamins, eating a substantial amount could indicate a vitamin deficiency. Pet parents should speak with a vet or complete a nutritional consult with an online vet to ensure their feline is getting everything they need for optimal long term health. 

A Non-Toxic Houseplant

Many common houseplants can be toxic to cats. Moving plants to make them harder to reach isn’t always an ideal solution, as felines can get onto higher shelves and counters. While pet parents shouldn’t have toxic plants in the house, placing cat grass in an easily accessible location gives cats something to munch on, keeping prettier plants safe. 

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Environmental Enrichment

When a cat has cat grass readily available in the home they tend to be more playful and use the grass as a mental stimulation tool. Chewing, pawing, or licking grass can present itself as a bit of stress relief for a cat's day to day needs. Having greenery available simulates more natural environments and keeps the cat emotionally in tune with their surroundings.

Prevent Cat Digestive Issues

For pet parents wondering how to help a cat’s digestion, cat grass offers several benefits. If they suspect their feline companion has issues with digestion or hairballs, chatting with a vet can help  to explore the ways cat grass can be a helpful dietary or nutritional solution for cats. An online nutritional consult can help pet parents find answers to all of their feline health questions. Fuzzy offers free 24/7 Live Vet Chat. and consults for members.

With the right care, cat parents can help to ensure their cats live a long, happy, and healthy life. 

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