5 Reasons Vets Recommend Pet Parents Invest in Pet Insurance

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Chocolate lab, 5 reasons to invest in pet insurance

Pet insurance plans come with several advantages for pet parents and their pets. Following are just five reasons to invest in pet insurance. 


1. Pet Insurance Provides Pet Parents With Peace of Mind

Few things are more distressing than discovering that a pet needs immediate medical care — and as most pet parents know, veterinary bills have a way of adding up quickly.

Emergencies often happen at the worst possible times, such as when funds are low. Having a good pet insurance policy gives pet parents peace of mind because they know that they're covered if they have to make an unexpected visit to the veterinarian's office. 


2. Pet Insurance Helps Extend Life Expectancy

Pet parents who have a good pet insurance policy are far less likely to skimp on veterinary care than their uninsured counterparts. Regular visits to the vet mean that emerging health issues are often discovered before they progress to serious levels that may be expensive and time-consuming to treat.

Additionally, many pet insurance policies have add-on wellness services designed to promote ongoing good health in pets — such as vaccinations, 24-hour veterinary support, dental cleanings, spaying and neutering, and routine screenings. 


3. Pet Insurance Covers Pets That Have Accidents

Although there are many ways that pet parents can minimize the chances of their pets experiencing injury-causing accidents, no one can control every situation. Injury-causing accidents involving pets are nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about how to pay.

Pet insurance isn’t just for senior pets. Puppies and kittens in particular are prone to getting into a wide range of accidents, such as consuming something that may be toxic or slipping away quickly and running into traffic. Furthermore, the immune systems of young animals are more vulnerable to disease than those of adult pets.


4. Pet Insurance Keeps End-of-Life Costs Down 

Much like their human counterparts, many senior pets that are nearing the end of their life spans require significant medical care to live as long and comfortably as possible. Prescription medications, surgery, and more frequent wellness checkups at the veterinarian's office. Insurance can help offset some of these costs. Keep in mind most insurance policies do not cover preexisting conditions so it’s recommended to get a policy as early as possible when the pet is healthy. 

When the time comes to make the final difficult end-of-life decision, some policies cover the cost of euthanasia as long as the primary reason for euthanasia is a covered condition.


5. Pet Insurance Is a Good Investment

It's estimated that one in three pets require emergency care from a veterinarian on an annual basis, and this alone makes pet insurance a good investment. 

Even if emergencies and accidents don't occur, the average cost of veterinary care throughout an animal's lifetime is significant, and pet insurance can keep these costs manageable. Having costs covered also leads to pets receiving a higher quality of health care. 


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