Capstar & EFFIPRO Flea Eliminate & Repel Bundle for Small Dogs
Capstar Effipro Bundle
Capstar Effipro Bundle

Capstar & EFFIPRO Flea Eliminate & Repel Bundle for Small Dogs


3 Months of Complete Flea Protection for Dogs 5 - 22 lbs


Be prepared for this flea & tick season with this treat and protect kit, containing one dose of Capstar and a 3 month supply of Effipro.

Capstar is a fast-acting oral tablet for dogs. A single dose of Capstar will start killing fleas within 30 minutes and has greater than 90% effectiveness against adult fleas within 4 hours. This oral flea tablet is easy to administer and treats flea infestations in dogs and puppies 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age or older.

Effipro Plus is a monthly vet-recommended flea and tick preventative medication for dogs over 8 weeks old. This topical solution is quick-acting, long-lasting and provides effective control of fleas and ticks.


Effipro Plus

Fipronil: 9.78%, Pyriproxyfen: 2.94%, Glycol Ether: 80 - 90%


Nitenpyram 11.4mg

Vet Take & Benefits

  • Fast, Effective Treatment of Fleas
  • 3 Month Supply of Spot On Treatment
  • Takes Care of Infestations & Prevents New Fleas
  • All You Will Need for Your Pet This Season

Directions for Use

Effipro Plus

  1. Remove one applicator from packaging. Hold applicator upright and remove cap.
  2. Invert cap and place other end back onto applicator tip. Push cap down to break seal.
  3. Part cat's hair between shoulder blades until skin is visible.
  4. Place applicator tip directly against exposed skin. Deposit entire contents by squeezing the applicator at a single site on cat's skin.


Administer 1 tablet to pet in food or in a treat. 1 Tablet should be all it takes to kill the infestation on your pet! Capstar is safe to take once daily if infestation is not taken care of after the first dose.